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AllergiesSome reactions to the stings of clomiphene insects are quite common. Urticaria is a rash of blisters that merge with each other against the background of reddening of the skin, accompanied by severe itching. It can be located on any part of the skin. Quincke's edema is a rapidly growing, delimited edema of the skin or mucous membranes. It can occur not only directly at the site of the bite, but also in any other. His favorite localization is the face, oral mucosa, soft palate, limbs, genitals. Especially dangerous is allergic edema of the larynx. A rare but very dangerous reaction is anaphylactic shock.

Within a few minutes, the victim develops shortness of breath, severe chills, fear of death, an increased heart rate, a sharp drop in blood pressure and coma occurs. Locally at the same time - a blister, rapidly growing edema, hemorrhage.

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Hymenoptera venom contains a large amount of clomid pills active substances with a pronounced effect. low molecular weight compounds (biogenic amines, amino acids, phospholipids), basic peptides (melittin, apamin, etc.) and high molecular weight enzyme proteins (hyaluronidase, etc.). Biogenic amines cause expansion and increase in vascular permeability, pain. Peptides and phospholipids cause toxic effects. Enzymes and high molecular weight peptides can cause allergic reactions. Hymenoptera venom causes local or systemic reactions, which can be toxic, pseudo-allergic and allergic.

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When stinging, a local reaction occurs in the form of slight redness, swelling and pain at the site of the lesion, disappearing within a few hours. This reaction is due to the toxic effect of insect venom. Systemic toxic reactions are observed when stinging by several tens or hundreds of insects at the same time. Patients complain of headache, nausea, vomiting. Stinging hundreds of insects develop hemolysis of erythrocytes, acute necrosis of skeletal muscles, which leads to buy clomiphene 50mg online renal failure and death.

Rain gadfly (Haematopota pluvialis) is a large fly that feeds on the blood of warm-blooded animals.

Their piercing-sucking mouthparts make deep wounds in the skin of the victim, and saliva contains a substance that prevents blood from clotting, so the bite site can hurt and bleed for a long time. In addition, raindrops are dangerous because they are carriers of anthrax and tularemia pathogens. Humans are also bitten by triatomine bugs and bed bugs. Bed bug bites cause intensely itchy blisters on exposed areas of the body. Skin lesions from mosquito bites - phlebotoderma is found in the republics of Central Asia and some other southern regions of the country.

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It is characterized by the formation of reddish papules in the bite area, which, with a long course of dermatozoonosis associated with a weak reactivity of the patient's body, are consistently transformed into pruriginous elements similar to rashes with nodular pruritus. Similar clinical manifestations and course are observed with bites of the deer bloodsucker Lipoptena cervi. Allergic reactions to the bites of blood-sucking insects are detected in 17-20% of persons suffering from atopic diseases.

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With the development of a local allergic reaction, edema of Clomid online and hyperemia at the sting site have a diameter of up to 10 cm or more, persist for at least a day and are accompanied by severe itching. The developed edema in the mouth and throat is a dangerous prognostic sign, as it can lead to asphyxia. There are weak, severe and severe degree of systemic lesions, as well as anaphylactic shock. With a weak form, a generalized rash, itching, malaise, and anxiety are observed. If these symptoms are accompanied by manifestations of angioedema, dizziness or pain in the region of the heart, abdomen, dyspeptic phenomena, the reaction is regarded as pronounced.

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A severe generalized reaction may also manifest as dyspnea, dysphagia, hoarseness, laryngeal edema, bronchospasm, and anxiety. The rate of onset and worsening of symptoms serves as a relative indicator of the severity of the condition. reactions that develop 1-2 minutes after stinging are usually assessed as severe, delayed - as lighter. Anaphylactic shock can develop within seconds or minutes after the sting. Clinically manifested by suffocation, nausea, vomiting, drop in blood pressure, involuntary urinary and fecal incontinence, cyanosis, collapse, loss of consciousness. Death may be caused by collapse or obstruction of the airways.

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Allergic reactions to stings are more often mediated by specific IgE antibodies to the poison, which is confirmed by the immediate nature of the development of clinical manifestations, the presence of specific IgE antibodies to the poison in the blood serum of patients, and a specific reaction of histamine release from the basophils of patients.

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